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Ford Fair 2019: Fiesta Family
Ford Fair 2019: Crowds & Clouds

Ford Fair 2019: Crowds & Clouds

15th August 2019

As anyone who lives in the UK, has visited the UK, or even heard of the UK, changeable weather is an almost constant source of discussion and the biggest threat to anyone organising an outdoor event, regardless of the time…

Ford Fair 2018: Classics & Retro

Ford Fair 2018: Classics & Retro

16th December 2018

It could be said that determining what qualifies as classic or retro is not an easy task. Nowhere is it written in Ford law that a car of a certain age automatically qualifies as one or both. Likewise, there is…

Retro Styled Perfection

Retro Styled Perfection

13th November 2018

If there's one thing that can be taken as a learning from wandering around cars shows, it's that things are not always what they seem. Whilst checking out the Fast Car stand at TRAX, I wandered past this Mk5 Fiesta…

The Fords Of TRAX 2018

The Fords Of TRAX 2018

21st October 2018

Sometimes you take a chance and it just works out. Like planning a car show to take place in October, in the UK. Incredibly instead of freezing cold and rain the weather was spectacular - dry with blue skies and sunshine. Great weather brings out great cars whose owners may not venture out in inclement conditions, and that certainly seemed to be the case.

There were quite a few cars we saw at Ford Fair, but also plenty we didn’t. The…

Ford Fair 2018: Cosworth & RS200

Ford Fair 2018: Cosworth & RS200

4th October 2018

Despite the cars in this gallery being a similar age (within 6 years or so) the direction they have been modified plants them firmly in a specific time period, whether genuine or tributary. The tiger stripe Sapphire on three spokes screams "1992", and the Martini Escort with O•Z rims visually harks back to 1996. The same base car in Hudd Motorsport's example pulls you right back to now with the carbon, dive planes and lightweight Team Dynamics wheels.

Often old ex-racer…

Ford Fair 2018: Focus DIY

Ford Fair 2018: Focus DIY

9th September 2018

With a car as popular as the Focus, it takes some thought to stand out. Sometimes this is subtle - Mk3 RS wheels on a Mk2 RS, a wrap in a different but understated colour or a carefully tailored retrim. A glimpse of a Recaro logo from a distance in a place where you'd not expect to see it on a Mk1 RS prompts closer inspection. Serious Pro Racer HANS chairs that retail for £1700+ each. Strong seating dedication.

Going a…


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