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Ford Fair 2022: Excellent Escorts

Ford Fair 2022: Excellent Escorts

1st February 2023

The Mk4 Escort seems to be undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment and it seems to largely be down to one man - Jez from Carrera Bodyworks, the chap behind the incredible Rubystone (pink) car from last…

Ford Fair 2022: Sharp Focus

Ford Fair 2022: Sharp Focus

10th December 2022

Sitting here typing this rather overdue entry when it's -2°c and close to snowing outside makes the scorching temperatures of Ford Fair seem like a lifetime away. One thing common to both then and now would be the desirability of…

Ford Fair 2022: Fiesta Fever

Ford Fair 2022: Fiesta Fever

11th October 2022

It wasn't quite the 38°c determined by the NHS to be an actual fever, but it was as close as any sane person would want when walking around in the sun. A sun that is the photographers friend early in…

Ford Fair 2022: The Good, The Bad...

Ford Fair 2022: The Good, The Bad...

18th September 2022

With another heatwave coinciding with another show Ford Fair this year was a warm one. As usual there will be galleries of specific models, but we’ll start off with a look at the more unusual stuff found at the show.

Clay pigeon shooting initially appeared to be a terrible idea given the proximity of expensive and enthusiast owned cars, but it turned out to be (rather obviously) laser clays. Without the satisfaction of exploding discs, loud bangs and shotgun kicks it…

The Fords Of Tunerfest North 2022

The Fords Of Tunerfest North 2022

24th July 2022

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but the sun can certainly cook the same place twice. Last year I remarked how lucky it was that Tunerfest North coincided with a week long heatwave. Fast forward a year and the weather situation was also favourable, with near identical 27°c temperatures by mid afternoon. Mercifully the show being on Saturday was spared the even warmer digits predicted in the next couple of days.

This year the paddock was open to…

The Complete History of

The Complete History of

19th March 2022

Photography has always been a huge part of this site, right from day one there was more of an emphasis on it than any of the other Ford sites and with over 4000 photos added since the launch of v3 in 2012, I don’t think there’s a larger source of Ford images anywhere else.

These days it’s trivial to upload a photo, modern phones and 4/5G mean you can have a pic online seconds after you’ve taken it, but it was…


The second 20th Anniversary article, a dive into the history of how the site came about is available here:

17:44, 4th December 2021 Twitter Web App

To celebrate being 20 years old this year, I've written a series of articles detailing the…

17:42, 4th December 2021 Twitter Web App

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