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Ford Fair 2022: Fiesta Fever
Ford Fair 2022: The Good, The Bad...

Ford Fair 2022: The Good, The Bad...

18th September 2022

With another heatwave coinciding with another show Ford Fair this year was a warm one. As usual there will be galleries of specific models, but we’ll start off with a look at the more unusual stuff found at the show.


The Fords Of Tunerfest North 2022

The Fords Of Tunerfest North 2022

24th July 2022

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but the sun can certainly cook the same place twice. Last year I remarked how lucky it was that Tunerfest North coincided with a week long heatwave. Fast forward a year…

The Complete History of

The Complete History of

19th March 2022

Photography has always been a huge part of this site, right from day one there was more of an emphasis on it than any of the other Ford sites and with over 4000 photos added since the launch of v3…

Ford Fair 2021: Classics & Retro

Ford Fair 2021: Classics & Retro

30th January 2022

A distinctly more racier collection than the previous event, this was down to the presence of entrants from the Modified Fords Series. This provides a number of classes to cater for everything from a Mk5 Fiesta Zetec-S to RS200s and Millington powered SHP RSRs.

Worthy of particular note were the Zakspeed/Group 5 inspired Mk2 Escort and the Zakspeed Castrol Mk2. Elsewhere the NA Cosworth powered Mk2 RS2000 and the something-turbo grey Mk2 were most impressive.

It's always nice to see to see…

Ford Fair 2021: Cosworth & RS200

Ford Fair 2021: Cosworth & RS200

30th December 2021

You might think that there'd be little new to see on the Cosworth scene each year, after all they've not made any new ones for 25 years and the values of them are soo high now you'd forgive the owners for not wanting to make any modifications. Development of new mods must have ground to a halt, given the limited market and dwindling numbers.

You wouldn't be entirely correct though, as despite the reappearance of several cars we've seen before, there…

The Complete History of

The Complete History of

4th December 2021

I've written about the car journey that lead me to the point in time where I decided to make a Fiesta website, but the first Fiesta website I made wasn't ft. We'll talk about that shortly but first, we need to delve back to the late 1990s and the rapidly increasing accessibility of the internet.

In 1999 I'd been online for a few years and had dabbled quite a bit with web and graphic design. With no formal training in either…


The second 20th Anniversary article, a dive into the history of how the site came about is available here:

17:44, 4th December 2021 Twitter Web App

To celebrate being 20 years old this year, I've written a series of articles detailing the…

17:42, 4th December 2021 Twitter Web App

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