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Performance Fiesta Mk3 History

Performance Fiesta Mk3 History

20th April 2001

XR2i 8v

When Ford launched the mk3 Fiesta in 1989 they found themselves with a quantity of 1600 CVH carb XR2 engines which would be obsolete with the launch of the XR2i. They used these engines in a mk3 and called it the 1.6s. It featured a rear spoiler, spotlamps and the option of electric windows, remote tailgate release and central locking. After producing a number of these to use up the last of the XR2 engines they launched the XR2i.

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19th April 2001

Originally the site was \'officially\' launched on the 20th April 2000. It quickly grew and with the addition of the message centre, became an established community of performance mk3 Fiesta fans. One year on, we present a total overhaul…


Happy to announce we now have Adrian Flux on board for the club insurance scheme. Details here:

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