Ford Fair 2014: Cosworth & RS200

Is an RS200 technically a Cosworth? Their BDT engine was produced by them, but unlike the Sierras and Escorts it was not badged as such. Previously I’ve grouped them in, but there was enough present at the show this year to add their designation to the title of this gallery. I counted four, including MDV’s tarmac racer (more on that later) and the standard one in the concours. I didn’t photo that one as it’s identical to how it was last year. Head over to that gallery, Ford Fair 2013 - Cosworth, if you want to see it.

Interesting RS200 fact - the first prototype cars had the rear clam open the opposite way, with the hinges down by the rear bumper but apparantly they tended to catch the wind and open themselves up whilst the car was in motion. See this photo of one.

If you were at the show you can’t have failed to see the RS1700T, which I belive is an original. Somehow I managed not to get any photos of it though. Next year!


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