XR2I CONVERSION to Zetec then To ST170

CVH and Zetec tuning, suspension and braking mods.

XR2I CONVERSION to Zetec then To ST170

Postby RyAn_Mk3 on Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:55 pm

Hi, I am from Germany. My car is an 1991 Xr2i with 1,8 Zetec conversion. (IB5 Gearbox with rear starter.)
I build an Engine now.
NGA Zetec Bottomend with St170 head , St170 exhaust manifold, St170 intake manifold +DTA S40pro.
I use an CVH Bracket and Torque support from Zetec.
Is it possible to put in early Mk3 ? is it too little space for intake manifold? Brake booster is in the way?
Wich cambelt cover to use?
I am happy if one of you can help to me.
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Newbie Poster
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Location: Germany
Your car: Mk3 RS1800

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