N Reg 1.6 Escort

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N Reg 1.6 Escort

Postby grandman on Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:22 pm

Hi all, I have been travelling on business for quite sometime, so if anyone replied to my last posts, please excuse the lack of response.

I currently have a 1994 MK3 Fiesta HCS.. I also have a scrap 1.6 Escort N Reg, Can I use any of the escort in the fiesta, as I would really like to put the little car back on the road.

As you have all probably forgotten, I wanted to upgrade her to a 2.0 ZETEC, but could never find all the spares I required, so for now, If I can use the ecort I will settle for that. But am unsure what parts will fit, and what wont????

Thank you for your help to all who choose to reply...
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Re: N Reg 1.6 Escort

Postby AW0L on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:18 am

Escort engine and box will fit, you will need a fiesta zetec rear engine mount and engine loom, some wiring will need to be added to the grey plug on car side of loom, also a pre 94 1.6 zetec ecu if your car has external pats
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Your car: ford fiesta 1.8 xr2i


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