Ford Fair 2019: Fiesta Family

Eight generations is quite an achievement, I’m struggling to think of another car that’s gone through so many iterations and is still as popular today as it was when it was launched. With the Fiesta it may be even more so as it was 2018’s best-selling new car.

Ford Fair exhibited cars from every generation, from the retro cool of the Mk1 to the latest and greatest Mk8 ST. Like any brand new Ford, there were precious few modified examples of the Mk8, those that did sport tweaks were limited to minor upgrades like exhausts or filters so not worthy of lens time.

The Mk7 is now firmly in the populist spot and the massive variation in how people modify them is always fascinating. From the super smooth air ride stance to the totally functional Mitsubishi Evo 4x4 powered rally car there’s something to impress everyone.

You might expect to only see one crazy Evo powered Fiesta at the show, but the rally Mk7 was joined by the Evo Mk3 featured way back in 2012. With a change of owner, a change of war paint and a slight detune it was still going like a rocket out on track.


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