Ford Fair 2018: Focus DIY

With a car as popular as the Focus, it takes some thought to stand out. Sometimes this is subtle - Mk3 RS wheels on a Mk2 RS, a wrap in a different but understated colour or a carefully tailored retrim. A glimpse of a Recaro logo from a distance in a place where you’d not expect to see it on a Mk1 RS prompts closer inspection. Serious Pro Racer HANS chairs that retail for £1700+ each. Strong seating dedication.

Going a little further, maybe a colour change to something a little more vibrant, done properly - the Nitrous Blue Mk2 is a proper bare metal respray not a wrap. If that’s not enough then a few graphics - WRC or some tuner logos. Still not enough? Break out the big guns. Full motorsport inspired wraps, huge WRC spoilers, light pods and multipoint cages.

It’s not all well thought out though. Sometimes the desire to be different goes to far and results in something aesthetically disparate that struggles to maintain an identity. Taste is individual, but collective opinion is a good barometer if yours is a bit temperamental. We’ve seen cars in the past that push the boundaries to almost universal approval so it seems unnecessary to create anything that polarises.

I remarked a few years ago that we’d see more modified Mk3s as they got older and cheaper and this seems to be the case. The grey example with the red cage and retrimmed Recaros a particularly well done example.


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