Ford Fair 2017: Classics & Retro

The popularity of classic Fords shows no signs of waning, and with each passing year any given Ford is inching closer to classic status. Some have a fair few years to go, but others like the Mk3 and Mk4 Escort are firmly there. It doesn’t seem so long ago that this was considered a recent model and only the Mk1s and Mk2s could be deemed retro cars.

Replica GT40s are not an unusual sight at the show, but the black car pictured above is the real deal. A MkII belonging to Ford, which looks like P/1046, the 1966 Le Mans winning car driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon. I don’t think it is though, as from what I read, that car is in America in private ownership.

Not a huge amount of photos in this gallery, although several months having passed since the show I can’t recall if there were less cars in this category than previous years, or I suspect more likely, vehicles that I shot last year that have remained unchanged.


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