Ford Fair 2014: Focal Range

From the sublime to the ridiculous(ly) good

The Focus appears to be getting more popular every year, and with this in mind people are going further with modifications in order to create something unique. We’re seeing more cars than ever with full wraps - an excellent and non-permanant way to immediately stand out, along with some tasty wheel choices such as the white Jaguar XF ones below.

Several time over the past few years I’ve snapped a Focus RS500 with the plate “BA57ORD”. This used to be matt black, then pearl white, then at Trax last year - orange. Now it would appear to be back to unwrapped Panther Black, except it isn’t… The plate has changed hands and is now on RS Direct’s RS500. Confusing…

For me the star Focus of the show had to be Richard’s Mountune and Red Bull theme wrapped RS with WRC bits, fantastic!


Happy to announce we now have Adrian Flux on board for the club insurance scheme. Details here:

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