Olsbergs Fiesta ST GRC

2013 RallyCross Supercar

Ford today revealed the 2013 version of it’s Fiesta Global RallyCross car. You might have seen the current, pre-facelift, car on the GRC circuit being driven by Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan. This one is essentially the same car but with the 2013 Fiesta headlights and grille.

Unlike the equally wide Fiesta WRC built by M-Sport in the UK, the GRC cars are put together by OlsbergsMSE from Sweden. The cars look similar but the GRCs run 17” wheels rather than the 15” or 18” of the WRC and the body kit is a different shape - the giveaway being the full arches on the GRC rather than the 3/4 shaped ones on the WRC.

Ford are saying this new car is based on the Fiesta ST, which we all know doesn’t really mean anything as the only parts this car has in common with a road going Fiesta are little more than the shell and lights, which are not ST specific. It’s pretty clear that the ST naming is to create association with the ST road car, which will be available in the US, but unfortunately only as a five door, whereas we in the UK get the arguably sportier looking three door.

Later in the year Ken Block is to unveil his new 2013 car, although as his are prepped by M-Sport and not OlsbergsMSE I would expect this to be a facelifted version of his previous WRC based GRC car.

Just like the previous version it’s an awesome piece of kit with around 600bhp under the bonnet from it’s 2.0 Duratec HE. If you want to know more then stay tuned as there will be an article with a ton of info on both these and the WRC Fiestas soon. For now, courtesy of Ford Media, here are some hi-res photos. Enjoy.

Car Spec. Olsbergs Fiesta ST GRC
Engine Ford Duratec HE 2030cc Olsbergs MD Design. Four cylinders, 16 valves. Carillo conrods, JE-pistons, ARP-bolts. Camshaft Ultra Motors. Olsbergs MD head. PWR intercooler. AEM Air filter. Stainless steel pipe with HJS-catalysator. OMSE/Ultra Motors manifold.
Power 650 bhp @ 6400rpm
Torque 820nm @ 4000rpm
0-60 mph 1.9 sec
0-100 mph 4.9 sec
Tyres Cooper tires (8×17")
Brakes Front: Alcon, 355 mm ventilated discs with six piston brake callipers. Rear: Alcon, 315 mm ventilated discs with four pistons callipers.Balance beam brake. Hydraulic handbrake.
Wheels Motegi rims (8×17")
Suspension Front : MacPherson struts with Öhlins dampers, five-way adjustable. Adjustable OMSE top mounts. Adjustable OMSE Anti roll bar in chrome-moly. Rear: OMSE construction with double A-arms. Öhlins dampers, five way adjustable. Adjustable OMSE anti-roll bar in chrome-moly, Eibach springs
Steering Power assisted quick rack and pinion
Transmission Permanent four-wheel drive. Five speed sequential OMSE/Maktrak gearbox with Alcon clutch.
Interior Steering wheel, six-point harness, bucket seat and extinguisher from Sparco. Tachometer from Aim. Radio from Peltor.
Fuel Tank ATL racing fuel cells, FIA FT3 tank, 20 litre capacity.
Dimensions Length: 3959mm. Width: 1836mm. Wheelbase: 2489mm. Weight: 1300kg minimum driver included


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