Piper back box fitting

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Piper back box fitting

Postby SladShot on Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:23 pm

Hi there, :D

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m 25 old french guy, from the south of France (not far from the alps) who owns a XR2i 8s (CVH one) for about 6 years now.
The fact is the community in France is not as important as yours and you could possibly help me more than the French forums.

Here is a picture of my car :

Oh and, please, be fair, I’m not speaking English very well. :oops:


I don't know really where I can create my topic so don't hesitate to move it to another category.

So, I just ordered a few weeks ago (on Pumabuild shop, serious guys warmly recommended :wink: ) a stainless steel Piper back box that I’ve received today.

At first time I was thinking that it was such a quality stuff, but when I’ve tried to fit it to my XR2i, I encountered many problems and was a bit disapointed...

1 - I've compared the two back boxes side by side and the orientation of the rear pipe isn't the same. :-?

In this way, when I put it on my original mid section exhaust, the box is way to far on the right and touch the rear bumper.

Obviously I’ve tried to get it back on the left in order to center the tail pipe but if I do this my entire exhaust is pulled to the left so the mid section touch the fuel tank ( :o ) and the rubber mounting near from the rear suspension anchorage point don’t hold the exhaust anymore.

2 - I'm forced to turn the rubber support in a position which it's not supposed to do. If I don't do that the tail pipe is very low beside the rear bumper. In my own opinion, it’s not a big problem but it’s very ugly.

The only way to lift up the tail pipe is to mount the rubber with one of the two hole in the middle, that’s strange but it’s my only solution.

3 - The pipe supposed to fit in the mid section of the exhaust is a little bit to large, so the box “wobble” from the left to the right even if I thighten the hose clamp very hard. By the way, if I pull box with enough strength I can keep it off from the car... :(


I assume that I’m not a professional or whatever but I already made work widely difficult than put an exhaust on a car and at this hour, after reviewing the problem in all the ways possible, I’m not able to mount the back box correctly.

In order to compare, here is the genuine Walker installed before the Piper one, which fits perfectly :

Can anyone tell me if it encountered some difficult like mines with Piper stuff (on a XR2i or other) or if I’m just unlucky ? :D
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Your car: Fiesta XR2i 8s

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