The Trolley - 184mph Fiesta

Luke's 470bhp Mk3 Zetec Turbo

At each show there’s always one or two cars which really stand out from all the others and justify a little more attention and photographic flattery than normal.

Luke’s Mk3.5 is one such car and a machine you’ll have no doubt heard of or seen before as it’s exceedingly well known. This isn’t really the time or place for a full feature and a handful of snapshots in a garage don’t do the car justice so I’ll gloss over the history of the car for now and concentrate on its current state.

Quite often cars will pass a point where so much has been upgraded and replaced that what it originally was is pretty much irrelevant. Luke’s Fiesta passed that point a long time ago - the only original part is the shell and even that has a carbon roof, bonnet and tailgate.

Using this blank canvas, Luke has constructed a pocket missile capable of hitting 184mph and laying down 11 second quarters, even on road tyres. The very extensive (and expensive) spec list indicates that this is a serious piece of kit and along with John’s Evo powered Fiesta (more on that soon) shows the Mk3 can still cut it.

Car Spec. The Trolley - 184mph Fiesta
Power Track map: 414bhp - 300 ft/lbs torque, Drag map: 471bhp - 404 ft/lbs torque
Records Current FWD Ford top speed holder - 183.99mph (1 mile), Current 1/4mile FWD Ford record holder - 11.7 @ 129mph (road tyres)
Engine JKM Performance 2.0L Zetec, H-beam con rods with ARP rod bolts, custom forged CP pistons, compression ratio 8.2-1, 1.5mm compression rings, upgraded wrist pins, Gasflowed and reprofiled inlet and exhaust ports, oversize inlet and exhaust valves, revised valve seats, multi-layer steel head gasket, race camshafts, custom double-valve spring conversion, hydraulic followers, Area Six inlet manifold, Tubular exhaust manifold, engine breather system custom, Titan Motorsport Dry sump system, AH Fabrications dry sump tank, Earls ANOTUF Fittings / hoses throughout, Emerald K3 engine management system, electronic boost controller, Siemens 750cc black injectors, FJO Racing injector driver, 3bar MAP sensor, EGT probe, Kent pulleys, GT3071.82 Turbo Dynamics turbo, Tial external wastegate, Tial B.O.V, K&N air filter, JKM Performance 3in Exhaust system silencers/one flexi-joint/v-clamped 86dB @4500rpm, JKM Performance turbo custom damper, Pro Alloy custom radiator black, Pro Alloy custom RS500 intercooler black, twin slim line radiator fans, Roose Motorsport black water/boost hose kit, Bailey alloy header tank, Pro Alloy oil breather catch tank, Vibratechnics race engine mounts, custom alloy inlet pipe work 2.5in diameter, Earls fireproof sleeving on hose/wiring.
Transmission Six-speed Getrag gearbox with Elite racing straight cut dog kit, long ratio geared for 186mph on 205/50-15, Vibra Technics race mounts, Clutch masters alloy race flywheel, Twin plate ceramic clutch, Hydraulic clutch conversion, uprated equal length custom drive shafts, Quaife ST170 ATB diff, Custom gearbox mount fabricated onto chassis, custom cross member for rear gearbox mount.
Suspension Gaz Gold race coil overs, Rose-jointed mounts, 450lb front coils, 550lb rearcoils, built-in camber to legs, Rose-joined eccentric top mounts, Area-6 Rose-jointed adjustable lower arms.
Brakes Brembo four-pot calipers, Alloy bells with 300mm rotors Cosworth rear discs and calipers, Feroddo DS3000 pads, braided lines.
Wheels 7x15 Compomotive CXS black wheels with Yokohama AO48r 205/50 15" (track), Mickey Thompson slicks 24.5 - 8.0 - 15" (drag).
Interior Painted Ford Frozen White, JKM Performance wiring loom, Custom Cages weld-in roll cage, Pro Alloy 40 litre fuel cell with safety foam, Aero 400 flush filler cap, breather/roll-over valve, custom swaged alloy fuel cell base and legs, AIM MXL dash, carbon AIM pod, carbon facia, carbon switch panel, modified Mk3 flocked dash, Corbeau Revolution white seats, Luke pro race five-point harnesses, OMP suede steering wheel, LED road legal warning lights, Tilton overhung pedal box, powder coated parts throughout, alloy battery box, dry cell battery, carbon fibre / flocked door cards.
Body Painted Nordic Green, alloy black anodized bolts/parts throughout, carbon-fibre canards, carbon-fibre splitter, carbon roof scoop Autoflock carbon-fibre bonnet, Autoflock carbon tailgate, Autoflock carbon roof Standard Ford headlights carbon fibre Touring Car mirrors , Aerocatch bonnet catches, carbon roof scoop.
Thanks to Earls Performance - 01327 858221, Titan Motorsport - 01480 474402, Elite Racing Transmission - 01782 280136, JKM Performance - 023 9263 9933.


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