HELP !!!!!!!

CVH and Zetec tuning, suspension and braking mods.

HELP !!!!!!!

Postby grandman on Fri May 01, 2015 6:25 pm

Here is a list of parts I think I need to convert my little 1.3 HCS MK3 Fiesta, into a 2 ltr ZETEC:

A. Radiator
B. Radiator Mounting Brackets
C. Radiator Hoses All
D. Radiator Cooling Fan
E. Fan Mounting Brackets
F. Thermostat
G. Thermostat Housing
H. Strut Brace
I. Engine
J. Clutch
K. Gear Box
L. Drive Shafts
M. Hubs
N. Front Brakes
O. Hand brake and cable
P. Engine Mounts
Q. gear Box Mounts
R. Inlet Manifold
S. Outlet Manifold
T. Throttle Body
U. Fuel Rail
V. Injectors and any other parts related to fuel supply.
W. Exhaust and all fittings and gaskets
X. Suspension
Y. Steering Column
z. Steering Rack
1. Starting Motor
2 alternator
3 Power Steering Pump
4. Fuel pump and sender
5. Any and All Vac Pipes, and Air Boxes bolts and nuts
6. Car Loom
7. Engine Loom
8. Fuse Box
9. Fuses and relays
10. All sensors
11. All Belts and cams
12. Air Filter
14. ECU
15. Ignition Barrel plus Pats
16. Ignition Key's
17. All locks and Keys
18. P.A.T.S ECU
19. Central Locking and Alarm ECU
20. Any Other ECUs

Now I need some guidance here. It seems I will not be able to get these all from one place, so here are my questions:

1-1) What cars do I get these parts from, I.E Model year CC?

1-2) What parts do I need to get all from the same source?

1-3) I already have a FRST rear beam with discs on, but not sure now what size they are, are they likely to do the job? Also engine and gearbox mounts, I've read somewhere these do not just drop in, is that true?

I really do need help here chaps, so please take a little time to guide me through this minefield of technology :(, well it is for me :oooh:


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