Blacktop Head on Silvertop

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Blacktop Head on Silvertop

Postby daveb666 on Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:54 am

Hi guys, newbie here :D

I'm not a Fiesta owner though; I've got a zetec engined kit-car.

My reason for posting is when I'm Googling for zetec, silvertop, blacktop advice I am constantly sent to this forum. There are some great posts full of information on here so I'm hoping that the lack of a Fiesta in my garage won't prevent my getting help :)

The car:


The engine:

So, the reason for my post;

The engine is a 2.0 silvertop zetec. It was freshly rebuilt prior to being inserted into the car. The insides are standard (as far as I'm aware). It runs GSXr TBs with MBE management and was mapped to 168bhp.

I've been given by a mate that races a G40 Ginetta a 'Ginetta' 1.8 blacktop cylinder head and ginetta-spec cams. The engine in a Ginetta runs 165bhp (blue-printed map). The 1.8 blacktop is standard crate engine aside from the cams, TBs and map.

My plan is to take the 1.8 blacktop head and fit it to my 2.0 silvertop and get it remapped. I'm hoping that the increase in compression, c/w the ginetta-specification camshafts and better flowing blacktop head should give me a fairly nice increase.

I'm aware of the general issue in fitting a blacktop head to a silvertop block in regards to the tensioner and pulleys fouling the water pump. (see attached image - blacktop head on silvertop block). Thankfully the local engineering shop is sorting that out for me at the moment so I'm dis-regarding that problem at the moment.

My query is in relation to compression ratios and headgaskets. I read a post from a few years ago that was discussing the compression ratio that would be had from using different headgaskets on a silvertop and blacktop.

My silvertop block is standard, and the blacktop head is standard and has never been skimmed.

If my Googling is correct, the gaskets go (from thinnest to thickest) - Silvertop, Blacktop, ST170 - is that correct?

Based on the 1.8 blacktop joined to a 2.0 silvertop, could someone tell me the expected compression rates that I would have with the variety of gaskets please? I'm afraid I have no idea of the spec of the cams as it's a Ginetta secret lol

Or, should I simply go for the HG that will leave me with the highest compression? The car will be fully re-mapped before being driven so knock and DET I hope shouldn't be an issue, but obviously I don't want to go to such an extreme that it affects driveability.

Thanks for taking the time to read and apologies for it being such a long first post:)
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Re: Blacktop Head on Silvertop

Postby RS1800-Cookie on Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:02 am

Firstly you need to cc the Crown of one cylinder on the head. Usually a good engine shop can do this.

Next you need to find out if the piston provides any displacement. IE high comp pistons...

Once you determine these two figures you can go about finding the correct head gasket as these can come in different thicknesses to achieve the desired comp ratio.

Give scholar engines a bell, ask to speak with gareth he is a zetec guru :)
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