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Ford Fair 2016: Focus Groups
Ford Fair 2016: Tiempo De Fiesta

Ford Fair 2016: Tiempo De Fiesta

28th August 2016

With each consecutive year that passes and each corresponding Ford Fair, change is noticeably in effect. Trends emerge and fade, colour palettes surface and receed and certain models gravitate popularity. A few years ago I wrote how the Mk6 seemed…

Ford Fair 2016: Ford Folk, Us

Ford Fair 2016: Ford Folk, Us

13th August 2016

Although an excellent show, Ford Fair this year seemed smaller than last year, a thought confirmed when downloading my photos - 239 compared to 303 last year. There were some repeats (if I've previously shot a car and it's visually…

Tuner Fest North 2016: Fords

Tuner Fest North 2016: Fords

12th July 2016

The trouble with car shows in the UK is that even if you schedule them slap bang in the middle of summer you're still at the mercy of the British weather. Torrential rain does not make for an enjoyable show,…

Ford Fair 2015: Classics & Retro

Ford Fair 2015: Classics & Retro

15th November 2015

For our sixth gallery from Ford Fair this year we're taking a look at the older vehicles present at the show. As usual Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts were the most popular and the lasting appeal of these shows no signs of waning. Also noteworthy was the Escort RS1700T and the Cosworth powered Anglia on the Classic Ford stand.

The most interesting and promising pick of this bunch has to be the work-in-progress Zakspeed Capri replica. Based on the Group 5 machines…

Ford Fair 2015: Cosworth & RS200

Ford Fair 2015: Cosworth & RS200

11th October 2015

Two years we mentioned that the popularity of the Cosworth may be on the decline. In 2013 the Ford Fair gallery had 30 photos. Last year a couple less and this year just 24. I imagine some of the less well cared for examples will rust away and be scrapped, but where do the rest go?

I think with the launch of the Mk3 Focus RS some owners who prefer their Fast Fords with 4WD will finally jump ship so maybe…

Ford Fair 2015: Focus Point

Ford Fair 2015: Focus Point

19th September 2015

The popularity of the Focus shows no signs of waning and every Ford Fair seems to produce an even higher number of examples. This abundance drives people to create something different which as you can see from the photos below can be good, or not so good!

Ford's own stand had the new Mk3 RS on display. Opinions seemed to be polarised - for some people the 4x4 compensating for less road presence and a not so special engine than the…


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