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Ford Fair 2013: Classics & Retro
The Focus Wedding

The Focus Wedding

4th December 2013

Traditionally getting married has been all about the bride, but who says the groom can't have fun too?

Ford Fair 2013: Track Traffic

Ford Fair 2013: Track Traffic

14th November 2013

Pre-track at Ford Fair - track cars lined up in the waiting area.

Ford Fair 2013: Cosworth

Ford Fair 2013: Cosworth

29th October 2013

The best Cosworths and a couple of RS200s from Ford Fair 2013.

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The Fords Of Trax 2013

The Fords Of Trax 2013

6th October 2013

We've seen the Fiestas present at Trax so now it's time to take a look at the other Fords. As mentioned the turn out was really good. A wide variety on display from Mk2 Escorts to the latest Fiesta ST.

In the Ford Fair Focus gallery I remarked that the “BA57ORD” Focus RS500 seemed to be a different colour at each show, and now it's changed from pearl white to a photography-proof shade of orange. Who can afford to get their car…

The Fiestas Of Trax 2013

The Fiestas Of Trax 2013

19th September 2013

Trax is normally quite a quiet show for Fords, however this year was different. I'm not sure what caused it but there seemed to be a lot more present than last year. Enough to split the galleries in two and dedicate this one just to the Fiesta.

Car of the show for me was the Fiesta WRC so it was a shame that it was just sat in a tent all day rather than being given some exercise round the track which would have given some of the…

Ford Fair 2013: Focus Pocus

Ford Fair 2013: Focus Pocus

1st September 2013

Last year I wrote about what I called a "quantity dilution" effect of so many Focus RSs being in one place making them less impactful. 12 months later I find myself the owner of an FRS but still of the same opinion, so you won't find any photos of my near standard car below. What you will see is the best examples Ford Fair had to offer. As you might expect, my interest in the Focus has been magnified infinitely, hence there being over 100…


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£12k for a 12k miles Fiesta RST, still on the original P600s!

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