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The Fiestas Of TRAX 2015
TRAX Takes All Sorts

TRAX Takes All Sorts

21st July 2015

Many of us view cars as a blank canvas to display our originality and taste. This leads to all kind of strange creations. Here are a few examples which caught my attention at TRAX this…

Ford Fair 2014: Track Action

Ford Fair 2014: Track Action

26th November 2014

Our last visit to Ford Fair this year and we finish up with track action. I've tried to add some variety to the photos this year by shooting from different points around the track and also at a selection of…

The Fords Of TRAX 2014

The Fords Of TRAX 2014

28th October 2014

Our third and final gallery from Trax this year contains the rest of the Fords present that weren't Fiestas or Focuses. Escorts, Sierras, a couple of KAs and more Mustangs than you'd expect to see at a show like this.


The Focuses Of TRAX 2014

The Focuses Of TRAX 2014

7th October 2014

A seemingly ever increasing Ford presence at TRAX means this year for the first time there's enough Blue Ovals to fill not just two, but three galleries. Right now it's the turn of the Focus. We'll finish up with the other Fords next time then back to Ford Fair for the rest of what we saw…

The Fiestas Of TRAX 2014

The Fiestas Of TRAX 2014

15th September 2014

TRAX this year seemed to have increased in size compared to 2013 - the stands spreading further out into the area surrounding the track with many clubs in attendance. Plenty of Fiestas too, with the Mk6 and Mk7 being the most popular choices although theew was a couple of Mk3s. Two stood out for very different reasons. The red sleeper Zetec Turbo on the Fast Ford stand was very nicely done, and what appeared to be a standard-ish Si turned…

Ford Fair 2014: Classics & Retro

Ford Fair 2014: Classics & Retro

3rd September 2014

Two years ago we used the phrase "Old Fords don’t die, they just get faster". Looking at the dimensions of some of the Escorts at Ford Fair this year it might be more apt to replace faster with fatter. X-Pack, bubble, forest or tarmac, there are many ways to make your 'scort wider. Such an increase requires wider wheels and many of these old cars sport new wheels, wrapped in the latest grippy rubber. 40 years of tyre technology to…


Happy to announce we now have Adrian Flux on board for the club insurance scheme. Details here:

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