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The Fiestas Of TRAX 2014
Ford Fair 2014: Classics & Retro

Ford Fair 2014: Classics & Retro

3rd September 2014

Two years ago we used the phrase "Old Fords don’t die, they just get faster". Looking at the dimensions of some of the Escorts at Ford Fair this year it might be more apt to replace faster with fatter. X-Pack,…

Ford Fair 2014: Cosworth & RS200

Ford Fair 2014: Cosworth & RS200

27th August 2014

Is an RS200 technically a Cosworth? Their BDT engine was produced by them, but unlike the Sierras and Escorts it was not badged as such. Previously I've grouped them in, but there was enough present at the show this year…

Ford Fair 2014: Focal Range

Ford Fair 2014: Focal Range

18th August 2014

The Focus appears to be getting more popular every year, and with this in mind people are going further with modifications in order to create something unique. We're seeing more cars than ever with full wraps - an excellent and…

Ford Fair 2014: Fiesta Fiesta

Ford Fair 2014: Fiesta Fiesta

10th August 2014

We love Fiestas. They're why we're all here - on the site, not the planet that is. Ford Fair always displays the variety that exists on the scene and the Fiesta is no different. With every generation represented, from standard concours to track machine, they're something for every taste.

Car of the show for me had to be SCC Performance's wide-arch ST. With a Revo mapped engine, race seats and a eye catching wrap, the Fifteen52 wheels finished it off a…

Ford Fair 2014: Weird & Wonderful

Ford Fair 2014: Weird & Wonderful

4th August 2014

For our first look at Ford Fair 2014, I decided to pick out some of the more interesting cars at the show which ultimately means very strange, very impressive or in some cases - both.

A Case in point being KMS Motorsport’s Focus RS. How do you make your demo car stand out from the hundreds of others at the event? WRC spec bonnet, spoiler, lamp pods and roof scoop along with a crazy wrap and blue and pink wheels…

Ford Fair 2013: Classics & Retro

Ford Fair 2013: Classics & Retro

23rd March 2014

There's a schools of thought who say that you shouldn't mess with a classic. This doesn't seem to be adhered to much in the world of retro Fords though. Out of all the cars pictured below, not a single one is standard, except perhaps the concours Mk1 Twin Cam, although I'm not convinced those Cibies are OEM!

Classic shapes will always be loved, but the power plants of the 60s and 70s, perhaps not. This was clearly demonstrated in the number…


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£12k for a 12k miles Fiesta RST, still on the original P600s!

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